Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Defining terrorism

The UN has been striving for decades to find a wording for terrorism which, instead of "all its forms and manifestations", narrows down to a specific profile of violence which can be condemned regardless of the circumstances. It blocks the possibility of referring terrorist acts to an international court, as for genocide and other war crimes; it leaves individual countries free to outlaw activity which they choose to classify as terrorism, perhaps for their own political convenience; and crucially it enabled the Bush administration to conjure in the public mind parallels between the 9/11 destruction of the World Trade Center and the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein. The vocabulary of terrorism has become the successor to that of anarchy and communism as the catch-all label of opprobrium, exploited accordingly by media and politicians.
However my personal definition of terrorism would be, Terrorism is the cruelest of crimes; it feeds off the personal suffering by luring governments into actions that abandon hard-earned freedoms of modern civilization. Gargantuan budgets committed to security mock the lives lost in poor countries to preventable disease and hunger. The dark complexity of suicide attacks has exposed inadequacies of security forces, moral philosophers, psychologists and theologians alike. Failing to take advantage of the universal revulsion at the events of September 2001, the "war on terror" has instead magnified the global threat of terrorism.


Nostradamus predicted a great grand war between two religions and one religion will be wiped off. The terrorism what we are facing today throughout the globe is the beginning of that imminent war. We the educated should not allow terrorism to spread. It is not a particular community to be blamed. It is a systemic defect globally. We should convene a round table in which states man and terrorist should be given equal chance to talk. The Nexalites in INDIA is also a form of terrorism. All terrorism should be tackled with utmost tact. Show them the calamity they perpetuated. The suffering of their own community men and general public. Children who lost parents, women who lost husbands, men who lost their family members. Father and mother who lost their children.
Terrorism has reached a level where demarcation is very vague. It is not curtailed to one particular religion or region. It can be seen from the recent global occurrences as it is molded according to the various ends that some people want to achieve. In India, in many parts of the state the reasons vary from shielding one's religion to discrimination according to the caste system,forceful conversion to a particular religion and more recently,warding off people from different region(s). The recent Mumbai attack was an eye-opener for everyone and gave us an idea of how serious it could get. But the most disturbing factor in this whole scenario is that it is the youth that is brain-washed to do such heinous acts of violence. It does not matter whether such actions are capable of grabbing media's attention or not and it is not about how many people are affected by such crimes, the group feel their 'mission' to be accomplished when they sense the fear among the people. The government at best can strengthen its Anti-terror laws or enforce more laws related to it but it is the people who must make a difference by their attitude towards it.