Monday, March 30, 2009

silence of muslims

Pakistan is under terrorist attacks from past few years. Pakistan is being targeted by foreign agencies to portray a negative image in front of the world. Similar is the case with other Islamic countries. If we Muslims are terrorists as the western media portrays us then what do we call Americans? How do they justify their attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan? Is it really war on terror??? Whatever they do is justified because they are super powers?? What Israel; did to Palestine is it justified? When why the Muslims are held responsible for all the terror attacks done worldwide? This is all to dampen the image of Islam and Muslims in front of the whole world. This clearly shows how everyone is trying to victimize the Muslims by labeling them as terrorists! But the worst part which is truly heart pinching and sad is that the Muslims all around the globe are silent spectators of what is happening and doing nothing to prove themselves right and to protect the image of Islam.
Why was Hugo Chavez the president of Venezuela the only one who took action against the Israelis when the attacked Palestine? Why didn’t any Islamic country president or king stood up? Why are Muslims the silent spectators? Why we are not united? Theses few questions really bother me being a Muslim then why don’t others think about it?
We should stand up and protest and prove ourselves as loving and peaceful people who follow a peace loving religion. We Muslims should try to portray the soft image of Islam. And this is the time for Muslims to unite and fight back. This is not the time to remain silent because dead bodies only have vultures in their destiny not hawks! We Muslims have a remarkable history of silence! We remain silent as dead bodies!

Wake UP

30th-March’09-11:30am, I woke up to the sound of my servant dusting my room, it took me twenty minutes to get out of the bed and another half an hour to get ready and dressed for the long day ahead. I went down stairs and found breakfast waiting for me on the table, as I took my first sip from the glass of water I turned on the TV which was already set on a news channel. Just by hearing the first few words coming out of news casters mouth I realized another massacre had occurred in Pakistan.
There was an attack by 8 terrorists on the police academy located near batanagar in Lahore. The attack started at 7:30 am in the morning when the terrorists threw their first grenade on the parading academy students from outside the boundary of the academy, they then entered the premises and opened fire and eventually camped inside and on the roofs of the academy building.
The last news that I heard before leaving my house was that, about 70 people had died and only 2 terrorists were caught until now and the rest had no intentions of giving up.
After leaving the safety of my house I had a feeling of uncertainty, if I was safe or not, if someone was just going to come and blow next to me or if my university was the next target for savages like these. If we look at it we aren’t even fulfilling the first to steps of Maslow’s pyramid of needs, physiological and security, so how in the hell is this country going to survive, it won’t i guess if such ruthless events keep on destroying the base of our country, ( GOD forbid).
I’m probably not going to be as patriotic as I am right now in a few hours so I might as well say it now, “ It’s high time we realized that our country is headed towards an inevitable doom unless and until we wake up from our self centered and selfish lives, its people like us who need to come back to their senses and get a hold of the situation as we have been fortunate enough to have the gift of EDUCATION, we need to revive QUAID'S moto of FAITH, UNITY AND DISIPLINE now or trust me its good bye to the good old days when non-muslims killed muslims and not the muslims themselves…..GOD bless our country”.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

We Belong to a Peacful Religion

"An Arab is not superior to a non-Arab and non-Arab is not superior to an Arab. Neither a black anyway better than a red nor a red is better than a black. The criterion for the superiority is only the element of piety."
Superiority does not lie in colors but in character, in conduct and in moral values. Whether one is living a human life or wild life, superiority rests in character only. So we need to work for peaceful coexistence, which is possible only when we recognize the right of others to live. Our motto should be "to live and let others live". The principle of non-interference is the basis upon which the edifice of global peace and welfare can be erected. If nations and societies respect the sanctities of national sovereignties of others and do not indulge in any type of adventurism, global peace stands ensured. Islam does not approve of extremism of any kind. It is a religion of balance and moderation. So in true Islamic society, extremism is discouraged at every level because it has the potential of spoiling peace, calmness and order at every level of society. Since Islamic state believes in equal rights, so it does not believe in any act of coercion. Islamic state disapproves hegemony. It has its faith in equality. Everyone has rights - some by birth and some given by state. Islam is against terrorism and condemns all of its forms and manifestations. Terrorism negates all such values which Islam espouses. So by definition, Islamic state is a peaceful state where rights of all are secured constitutionally irrespective of one's caste, creed, color, race and religion. Islam holds that all members of Islamic society whether rulers or the ruled are equal in the eyes of law.
Given the enormous challenges posed to the peace of world, it is high time we made sincere efforts for peaceful coexistence among nations and religions. It is through joint struggle that we can defeat all such elements who want to create misunderstandings and confusions. We are all children of Adam and have many similarities to share among us. Let our succeeding generations not say that we did not prove equal to the challenges.

Teachings of Islam Denies Terrorism

Holy Prophet of Islam gave special instructions regarding good treatment which should be meted out to prisoners. The Holy Prophet said:
“O men, you still have in your possession some prisoners of war. I advise you, therefore, to feed them and to clothe them in the same way and style as you feed and clothe yourselves..... To give them pain or trouble can never be tolerated.”

These are the teachings of Islam in which the enemies are to be treated such a way that our beloved ones are treated, those are not the teachings that are perceived and implemented in the wrong way, we as Muslims need to tell the world that what are the actual and right blessings of Islam. In the history of Islam all these methods have been used for releasing prisoners. A novel method to get release was that the educated prisoners could teach reading and writing to those who were illiterate, in lieu of ransom. This verse further strike at the roots of those who would justify modern day terrorism in the name and under the banner of Islam. Envoys are privileged people in the Islamic system. They enjoy full personal immunity. They are not subject to political ransom, no matter how worthy the cause may be, and to kidnap them is a heinous crime. They must not be killed, molested or maltreated. There are numerous instances from the Holy Prophet's life which illustrate the application of these principles.
Thus Islamic scriptural commandments and the precepts of the Holy Prophet of Islam concerning diplomatic immunity are free from ambiguities. In a nutshell, taking hostages and maltreating envoys and private citizens in any shape and form is totally foreign to the teachings and doctrines of Islam. In other words, the philosophy of Islam totally rejects terrorism. I must conclude by saying that whether peace or war, acts of terrorism are not only condemned in Islam but are also pointedly declared alien to the teachings of Islam which in fact means peace through the submission to the Will of God, the Lord of all human beings. Only through conformity to Divine laws can we hope to achieve the ideal of a secure world free of terrorism.

No Link of Islam and Terrorism

I would like to right away clear one perception that is going around the world that terrorism is somehow synonymous with our religion Islam. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The real way of addressing and uprooting terrorism in its entirety is to get to the root of the tree, and where does this root of this tree lie? The root of this tree lies in all the political disputes going around the world and these political disputes involve injustices, which cause a sense of deprivation, a sense of powerlessness, a sense of hopelessness.

Throw in the poverty experienced by those affected by political disputes and all, this then leads to extreme acts of terrorism. So I personally feel that if we are to address the issue of terrorism, we must address, get to the root of the tree, resolve political disputes around the world as the conflict of Kashmir and Palestine being the major disputes of the world. The terrorists who carried out the atrocities on September 11 in the United States were not motivated by religion, if we analyze the criminals of the terrorist attacks of 11 September, not one of them was religiously motivated, and anyone who did that was just because of their own benefit and it’s a mystery that who have done this I personally feel that there is a political incidence lies behind this, We know for a fact that all of them enjoyed themselves in a pub or a bar the previous evening and then went in for this terrorist attack. That was certainly not a religious act. Basically, it was a political cause which led them to this extreme act of taking their own lives and perpetrating misery on innocent people from all over the world which was most condemnable. So we as a Muslims need to tell the world that the terrorist do not belong to us.