Monday, March 30, 2009

Wake UP

30th-March’09-11:30am, I woke up to the sound of my servant dusting my room, it took me twenty minutes to get out of the bed and another half an hour to get ready and dressed for the long day ahead. I went down stairs and found breakfast waiting for me on the table, as I took my first sip from the glass of water I turned on the TV which was already set on a news channel. Just by hearing the first few words coming out of news casters mouth I realized another massacre had occurred in Pakistan.
There was an attack by 8 terrorists on the police academy located near batanagar in Lahore. The attack started at 7:30 am in the morning when the terrorists threw their first grenade on the parading academy students from outside the boundary of the academy, they then entered the premises and opened fire and eventually camped inside and on the roofs of the academy building.
The last news that I heard before leaving my house was that, about 70 people had died and only 2 terrorists were caught until now and the rest had no intentions of giving up.
After leaving the safety of my house I had a feeling of uncertainty, if I was safe or not, if someone was just going to come and blow next to me or if my university was the next target for savages like these. If we look at it we aren’t even fulfilling the first to steps of Maslow’s pyramid of needs, physiological and security, so how in the hell is this country going to survive, it won’t i guess if such ruthless events keep on destroying the base of our country, ( GOD forbid).
I’m probably not going to be as patriotic as I am right now in a few hours so I might as well say it now, “ It’s high time we realized that our country is headed towards an inevitable doom unless and until we wake up from our self centered and selfish lives, its people like us who need to come back to their senses and get a hold of the situation as we have been fortunate enough to have the gift of EDUCATION, we need to revive QUAID'S moto of FAITH, UNITY AND DISIPLINE now or trust me its good bye to the good old days when non-muslims killed muslims and not the muslims themselves…..GOD bless our country”.

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