Monday, March 30, 2009

silence of muslims

Pakistan is under terrorist attacks from past few years. Pakistan is being targeted by foreign agencies to portray a negative image in front of the world. Similar is the case with other Islamic countries. If we Muslims are terrorists as the western media portrays us then what do we call Americans? How do they justify their attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan? Is it really war on terror??? Whatever they do is justified because they are super powers?? What Israel; did to Palestine is it justified? When why the Muslims are held responsible for all the terror attacks done worldwide? This is all to dampen the image of Islam and Muslims in front of the whole world. This clearly shows how everyone is trying to victimize the Muslims by labeling them as terrorists! But the worst part which is truly heart pinching and sad is that the Muslims all around the globe are silent spectators of what is happening and doing nothing to prove themselves right and to protect the image of Islam.
Why was Hugo Chavez the president of Venezuela the only one who took action against the Israelis when the attacked Palestine? Why didn’t any Islamic country president or king stood up? Why are Muslims the silent spectators? Why we are not united? Theses few questions really bother me being a Muslim then why don’t others think about it?
We should stand up and protest and prove ourselves as loving and peaceful people who follow a peace loving religion. We Muslims should try to portray the soft image of Islam. And this is the time for Muslims to unite and fight back. This is not the time to remain silent because dead bodies only have vultures in their destiny not hawks! We Muslims have a remarkable history of silence! We remain silent as dead bodies!


  1. we agree appreciate your comments about american and israels

  2. thnx..u can contribute ur point of view as well